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About EDEN’s Gems

Hello… a very warm welcome to EDEN’s Gems!  I thank you for visiting our online paradise of fashion jewelry.

My name is Sue and I’m the founder of EDEN’s Gems, home of a beautiful collection of premium costume jewelry, fashion accessories and unique gift ideas, yet at affordable price points.


Eden is a Hebrew name given to both boys and girls meaning “delight“.  The Old Testament Biblical Garden of Eden was paradise, a dwelling of great delight, contentment, happiness and bliss where Adam and Eve were placed at the time of Creation… of course, until…

Our site EDEN’s Gems was designed keeping you, our client, in mind.  Our boutique style online store is clean, simple and easy to navigate.  We hope that you will have a delightful time browsing around and be enchanted as much as we have enjoyed the process of carefully selecting our range of products and creating this blog site for you.

Our Promise to You

Be prepared to fall in love here…

Whether it be from our limited editions exquisite jewellery pieces, something basic from our signature EDEN’s Gems ~ Faith * Hope * Love ~ Collections, or one of our specially hand-picked gift items, we promise to woo you and win your heart.

We want you have a fun, pleasurable and memorable experience here with us.

We’d love to get to know you, our customer, intimately and build a long-lasting relationship with you.

When you order something from EDEN’s Gems, we want you to be impressed with our prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

We Value Your Support

Our mission is to serve with heart

To serve our customers with joy and passion through the beauty and quality of our products and service standards

To serve the less fortunate by being generous in our giving

It is only with your patronage that we will be able to give more in support of charities and community care programs.

Thank You for Spreading the Love

If you are a first time visitor, an extra special welcome!  We do look forward to be of service you!

If you are a returning customer, welcome back!  We look forward to serving you again!

As we are a young organisation, we hope to grow with your input by getting to know you better and to continue expanding our styles and product offerings to suit your tastes.

Are you looking for a particular style? Don’t hesitate to ask us.  It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you even better!

We would also love to connect with you on Social Media.  Please share us with your friends on Social Media.

Talk again soon!

~ Sue

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