Fahion Jewellery Online Shopping

Fashion Jewellery Online Shopping

Fashion Jewellery Online Shopping We totally understand how shopping for the right piece of jewellery to complete the look of your outfit can sometimes be so frustrating.  But with fashion jewellery online shopping, you can now turn it into a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There’s no need to jostle with the weekend crowds or mad…

More Blessed to Give Than to Receive

More Blessed To Give Than Receive

More Blessed To Give Than Receive How often have we heard these words “It is more blessed to give than receive” being cited by someone who is seeking to be on the receiving end rather than being the giver!  =)) Did you know that this saying is actually a verse found in the Bible and…

The Science of Gemstones

The Science And History of Gemstones

The world of gemstones offers an endless choice of colour and variety for jewellery-making and the science and history of gemstones in itself is fascinating.  The history of gemstones goes back for centuries since they were prized long before the discovery of diamonds.  Many prospectors in the past have risked their lives to find them…

Ceramic Ring Holder

Ceramic Ring Holders

Ceramic Ring Holders                                                           Gone are the days of leaving rings on the window sill, bedside table or vanity. These gorgeous ceramic ring holders are a great way to store your precious jewellery and keep them safe. Price: $14.95 BUY NOW

Care of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Care of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Care of Sterling Silver Jewellery Like Gold and Platinum, Silver is considered a precious metal.  They are malleable metals and therefore subject to wear and tear.  When buying sterling silver jewellery, it is important to be aware of the recommended instructions for the care of sterling silver jewellery to ensure that they maintain their shine…

EDEN’s Gems ~ LOVE Collection

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